Yellowhead Helicopters picks CAMP Systems for aircraft health management

Sean Lanagan, President of CAMP Systems.

Yellowhead Helicopters LTD (Yellowhead) has selected CAMP Systems International, Inc. (CAMP), the leading independent provider of aviation management products and services, to provide Aircraft Health Management as part of CAMP’s enterprise solution for its fleet of 48 helicopters.

CAMP maintenance tracking, and integration with CAMP ERP software, provide a complete ecosystem from tracking and planning to maintenance execution and compliance from a single platform. “CAMP’s ability to document compliance from start to finish was a strong determining factor in choosing the platform,” says Jacob Forman. CEO at Yellowhead. “CAMP’s capability to incorporate planning, maintenance activities, and compliance tracking within an advanced aviation software solution will provide an extensive benefit to Yellowhead’s overall operations.”

Sean Lanagan, President of CAMP Systems, adds, “CAMP’s unique ecosystem of integrated maintenance planning, ERP, and marketplace solutions enable leading aviation companies, such as Yellowhead, to streamline business operations with highly efficient workflows from a single provider. Our helicopter customers face a dynamic, competitive market where configuring aircraft to a specific mission quickly and safely is critical to their success. CAMP is proud to be a partner in meeting this challenge.”

Maintenance operations and planning are critical components of many helicopter operations. CAMP’s enterprise solution provides integrated connectivity between planning, compliance, and maintenance activities eliminating costly, error-prone, and time-consuming manual processes. Bell, Leonardo, and every major business jet OEM recommend CAMP.



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