Aerospace Devices unveils SkyDock Pro 100 Watt USB-C for Inflight Device Charging

US based Aerospace Devices has added the SkyDock Pro Single & Dual 100-watt USB-C charging ports to their portfolio of inflight USB A & C charging devices for general aviation aircraft. Reportedly, the SkyDock Pro Single and Dual USB C 100-watt chargers deliver more power than competing products while achieving best-in-class DO160G testing and passing the spilled liquids and touch temperature tests. The new SkyDock Pro 100 Watt USB-C charging devices offer superior charging and power efficiency for charging personal electronics on the flight deck, main cabin, and galley.

As per the source, the SkyDock Pro 100-watt USB C charger supplies Output Voltage Ranges 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/2.5A, 20V / 5A for laptops, smartphones, tablets, electronic flight bags (EFBs), and headphones. The SkyDock Pro USB C offers intelligent, device-driven communication that efficiently supplies each device the right amount of power and will determine a USB C cable’s power rating.

SkyDock Pro USB C 100 Watt meets the new European USB C 100-Watt Personal Device Charging requirements and regulations.

With the increasing dependance on mobile devices in the flight deck, the SkyDock Pro USB C 100 Watt Single and Dual charging ports are leading the future as many aircraft are moving away from the 110 AC universal outlets.



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