Kevin Gould is the new CEO for Axion BioSystems

Kevin Gould is appointed as the new CEO for Axion Biosystems

Axion BioSystems, a leading life science tools company focused on advanced live-cell assay platforms, announces that Kevin Gould has been appointed the company’s Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. With more than 20 years of senior management experience in medical diagnostics sales and manufacturing, Gould promises to build on Axion’s growth in the fields of stem cell research, immuno-oncology, cell-based therapies, and drug discovery.

Kevin takes over today from Axion’s long-time CEO Tom O’Brien, who will be retiring July 15th. O’Brien, who co-founded Axion BioSystems in 2008 with Chief Technical Officer Jim Ross, said that Gould is a natural fit for leading the company. “With Axion’s growth on a strong trajectory, the time was right to step down from my leadership role and welcome Kevin to the exemplary team we’ve built over the years. Kevin’s experience in the industry speaks for itself and his passion for driving biotech research forward is unparalleled.” O’Brien will stay on in an advisory role through the transition and will remain on Axion’s Board of Directors.

Prior to his most recent role at Bio-Techne as Senior Vice President of the Diagnostics Division, Gould was President and CEO of CLINIQA and held senior positions at SeraCare Life Sciences and Thermo Fisher Scientific. A proven visionary in the life sciences arena, Gould is eager to put his wide-ranging experience to work. “I’mhonored for the opportunity to lead the team at Axion and continue the successes, work, and trajectory that Tom has established. Axion has a unique opportunity with the support provided by Summa Equity to provide significant improvements to the life science industry. I look forward to this new journey.”

Gould’s arrival comes at an exciting time for the company. Stockholm-based Summa Equity acquired Axion in July 2021, allowing the company to accelerate its assay technologies, scale up its commercial capacity and market awareness, and acquire UK-based printed electronics manufacturer M-Solv Manufacturing Limited and the Netherlands-based live-cell imaging company CytoSMART Technologies. With innovative benchtop systems that monitor complex cellular activity without disturbing the underlying biology, Axion’s live-cell platforms offer pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology firms, and academic researchers with the next-generation platforms for advancing in vitro disease modeling and drug discovery.


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