UDO secures 20 Million USD Funding with acquisition of Smile Virtual

On the heels of $20M in funding, Udo, LLC (Udo.com, creator of the new video healthcare collaboration app Udo Care) announced its first acquisition: Phoenix-based virtual care company Smile Virtual

Udo improves healthcare collaboration and strengthens communication and connections between providers and their patients through a video platform that revolutionizes and simplifies provider service for patients at the highest levels.

The acquisition is natural outgrowth of work between the two companies in early use of the Udo platform. Through this work, the alignment in the company’s culture and vision became increasingly evident and has dovetailed perfectly. As a combined entity, two teams and connected platforms will allow a patient to experience a virtual consult in Smile Virtual that is further empowered by ongoing video communication and collaboration in Udo.

With this acquisition, the work of both teams will accelerate more quickly as Udo scales Smile Virtual’s platform and further advance Udo’s vision of a world connected and empowered through advanced video communication and innovation.

The acquisition increases Udo’s customer base by 450 virtual consult subscribers and 40 elite subscribers. More importantly, the new customer base serves as a body of influencers and potential early adopters of Udo in dentistry. The proven methods, strategy of Smile Virtual and experience of Dr. Brian Harris will expedite and strengthen Udo’s go to market strategy.

Udo anticipates adding 15-20 new employees in 2022 to accommodate the immediate opportunities Smile Virtual brings. Additionally, Smile Virtual Co-Founder Dr. Brian Harris will join the Udo executive team as Chief Strategy Officer.

With Smile Virtual, Udo will continue to transform the healthcare industry by empowering patients to play a more active role in their healthcare journey. This partnership will create better outcomes for healthcare professionals and their patients by providing video communication throughout the entire patient experience.

Udo’s mission aligns closely to what Smile Virtual brings to healthcare, says Udo Co-Founder and CEO, Danny Frasure: “With this acquisition we are transforming the doctor/patient relationship and empowering patients to control their health story.”

Elaborating on this, Udo Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Dr. Ryan Facer states that “we are giving providers immediate access to the most relevant information, in context, to ensure better patient outcomes.”

Udo plans to continue serving Smile Virtual customers while providing enhanced service and benefits.



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